Are you Under Investigation?

Talk with an experienced criminal defense lawyer before it is too late

“You have the right to an attorney”…..Sometimes those words come too late.

The time to talk with an attorney is before you are arrested

If you are under investigation for Payroll Protection Plan fraud or SBA Fraud, or tax fraud, you need legal representation now, before charges are filed and you are arrested.

If your home has been searched, your computer or your smart phone seized, and you are concerned about being charged with possession of child pornography….Call before it is too late

If you have been contacted by a detective because a child or woman has accused you of improper sexual conduct, call now before making any statement or questioning.

The biggest mistake people make is thinking they can talk their way out of an arrest.

As a former Federal Agent, a former Federal prosecutor and veteran criminal defense lawyer, I cannot over emphasize how important it is to seek legal representation before you are interviewed, questioned or arrested.   Call for a free consultation if you are contacted by law enforcement.  Never try and talk your way out of a problem.

     Many times, the most damaging evidence is your own admission.  You may provide the missing link or the key evidence the prosecutor needs to get a conviction.  If you are contacted by a detective, a federal agent, the FBI or any law enforcement officer, under no circumstances make any statements without speaking with the best criminal defense lawyer you can find.

     Hiring a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based on advertising alone.

Many lawyers have lots of experience in advertising on the Internet….but how about the Courtroom?  Some lawyers seem to specialize in advertising.   Talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer that is going to personally handle your case, not just refer it to someone else.

Most lawyers do not charge for an initial free consultation

When you speak with the attorney, ask him or her, “will you personally be handling my case’?

Have you handled these type of cases before?  How many?  Was that as a defense lawyer or as a prosecutor?    It is important to actually meet with the lawyer who will be standing beside you in Court.  Do you have confidence in his or her ability to communicate?, to negotiate? and actually try your case in front of a jury.

Not all lawyers are the same when it comes to their level of experience.

Hiring the best lawyer for yourself, for your kind of case is critical to a successful defense.