Massive drug sweep in Lee and Collier September 2020

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The State Attorney’s office, the Lee County Sheriff’s office and the Ft. Myers Police Department just announced numerous drug trafficking arrests culminating weeks and months of investigation.  In addition to making arrests lots of cash, vehicles and drugs were seized.

     Trafficking carries huge penalties and many of those arrested are looking at long minimum mandatory sentences in State Prison (15 years).  This is not your typical drug bust but instead a part of a concerted multi agency investigation.  This time the police are playing for keeps.

     Many people are struggling to make bail, but bail is the smallest of their problems.  Sadly, many times people who get arrested Lee County for trafficking in Cocaine or fentanyl spend all of their money on bond and are then stuck with the Public Defender facing long prison sentences.

     Many times, there is a valid defense.  The police may have entrapped someone in a sting.  Some people only “middle” a deal hooking the undercover cop up with a supplier and now find themselves charged with trafficking or conspiracy.  It is unknown if any of the people arrested are going to be facing Federal Charges.  That is always a possibility. 

    As criminal defense attorneys in Ft. Myers and Lee County, and as Fort Myers drug lawyers, we understand the uphill battle you are facing.  We have been defending drug trafficking cases for decades.  As former State and Federal prosecutors we understand how the detectives work these cases.  We understand the strengths and the weaknesses of these types of drug prosecutions.  Good results are no accident.  It takes hard legal work, knowing the law, understanding police tactics, understanding the little legal technicalities that can make a difference.  You may have been the victim of an illegal search.  The police may have tricked you into confessing.  They may have you confused with someone else.  The drugs they found in the house may not have been yours.

No ethical lawyer can ever guarantee you that you will win.  Some lawyers may tell you what you want to hear just to get hired.  We will be honest with you and let you know what you are up against.  Our job is to help you make the right decisions from this point forward.  A bad decision got you into this and hiring the wrong lawyer may make it worse.

It costs nothing for free consultation.  When your life and future is at stake, you need a criminal defense lawyer with decades of experience actually defending criminal cases.  If you talk to a lawyer, ask him or her “how many cases have you actually tried as a defense lawyer”.  Many criminal defense lawyers talk about their experience as a prosecutor but there is a world of difference between prosecuting and defending a case.

Be careful if you are “shopping lawyers”.  Many people think only about the fee.  The most important thing is experience.  Ask yourself this “would I want to jump out of a plane with the cheapest parachute”?   “Do I want to buy the cheapest life raft”.

There is an old saying…”you get what you pay for”.  Check out the lawyers actual track record and experience.  Do your homework on the lawyer’s background.

If you have a husband, wife, brother, sister or some other relative in jail facing Drug trafficking and want an honest opinion give us a call.  The initial consultation is free.

Never rely on advertising in hiring a lawyer. Meet with the lawyer and ask yourself…

Is this the person I want standing beside he in my darkest hour in a courtroom?


Southwest Florida law enforcement and state agencies announce major drug arrests

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ICE HSI, partner agencies announce success of narcotics operation

Domestic Violence Battery Cases up in Ft. Myers

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AUGUST 1 2020

The stress of the Covid crisis is taking its toll on Ft. Myers families.  These are hard time.  People have lost jobs and income.  Social distancing is contributing to people taking out their stress on the people they love.  Husbands and Wives are at each other, and this can cause people to explode in anger.  The anger is a reaction to the stress. 

If you or a loved one got arrested here in Lee County for Domestic Battery, it can turn your life upside down.  This is particularly if the first appearance judge as a condition of bond enters the typical no contact order.  Most families in these hard times cannot afford one place to live, much less two.

As Ft. Myers criminal defense lawyers, in domestic cases, we have found that many times, both parties want the no contact order lifted.  Generally, the public defender does not get to this for weeks.  Private criminal defense lawyers can many times get the State prosecutor to agree to have the no contact order lifted and get it done in a much shorter period of time, sometimes in a day or so.  Most of the time the domestic violence cases are not part of a pattern of violence, but rather an isolate incidence brought on by alcohol. 

With the bars shut down, people are drinking at home.  If you put alcohol on top of stress and unemployment, it is a recipe for people taking it out on each other.  One of our goals in most of the cases is to heal the family situation and restore the normal family life.

People often get rearrested for violation of the no contact order, and can find themselves back in jail on a no bond Court order.  Having a good Ft. Myers criminal defense lawyer can help tremendously.  If you sit in jail, you may lose the job you have.  If you get rearrested for a violation of the no contact order, even if it was accidental, your case can get worse.  As a we know what to do.  Knowing who to call, knowing the law, and knowing how to get quick hearings, can make the difference in how long a person sits in custody. Initial consultations are free. Give us a call and we may be able to help.  May times the husband or wife did not want the other spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend arrested.  Lee County defense attorneys  A really good Ft. Myers or Cape Coral defense lawyer can make a huge difference.  Call and we can discuss your options

I need the best criminal defense attorney in Ft Myers….Who should I call?

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer, a good one, is an important decision that should not be made based only on advertising.  Here is Lee County, whether it be Cape Coral or Ft.Myers, if you have been arrested, for a felony or a misdemeanor, you really need to talk to a good experienced defense attorney before doing anything.  Most lawyers do not charge for an initial confidential consultation either in person or by phone.  Even with the Covid situation, an interview can be arranged.

So who is the best criminal defense lawyer here?  The real question should be, who is the best criminal defense attorney for me, and my kind of case?  The sad truth is that we live in a world of advertising and being good at advertising does not the same as being good in the Courtroom or being good at negotiating and obtaining good results.  No lawyer should ever claim to be the “best”.  That is all Ego talking.  Good results come from experience, maturity, negotiating skills, and contacts.

Here are some things you might look for: long as the lawyer been practicing here in Ft. Myers or the Cape? 

Does the lawyer have a background as a former prosecutor?

How long has the lawyer been defending cases?  (prosecuting a case is not the same as defending, ask us why)

Does the lawyer have experience in your type of case?  How many trials has he actually done?

Does the lawyer have experience in complex cases or serious felony crimes?

How long has the lawyer lived here in Ft Myers?  Does he have contacts and a reputation here?

Is the lawyer respected by the judges and other lawyers?  Does he have credibility?

Is this the lawyer I want at my side in the Courtroom?

To answer that last question, you need to talk to and meet with the Lawyer.

Take advantage of the free consultation.  Call and talk or make an appointment!

There is no substitute for actually meeting the lawyer when possible.  What is his or her(the attorney) demeanor?  Does he or she (the lawyer) sound condescending or judgmental or is the lawyer compassionate.  Does the lawyer have local experience before the local courts?  The reality is, that in the world of advertising, reviews and ratings can be rigged.  Do not rely on paid referral services or a bondsman’s recommendation or suggestion.  Go meet the lawyer and form your own opinion. 

If you want to talk and want an honest evaluation of your case and your chances…

Call for a free consultation and ask for Sean O’Halloran or Peter Aiken 239-334-8890

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Under Investigation? STFU and Lawyer up

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There is an old saying, “The fish would not have got caught if he hadn’t opened his mouth”

That is so true when it comes to criminal investigations.  It is particularly true when it comes to sex crime investigations.  In date rape cases, in child molestation cases, often the most damaging evidence is the person’s own admission.  The cops are masters at getting you to make an admission.  In a child sex case with a 15 year old, they may say something like “she says you forced her”, only to trick you into saying “no, it was consensual”.  What the person does not realize is that a 15 year old cannot consent, and the response is an admission.

In tax investigations, in white collar crime investigations, the detective’s goal is to get an admission on key elements like “intent”.  In sales tax investigations, always  lawyer up.

If the police, or a detective, comes to talk to you, if you are not in custody, they do not have to advise you of your right to remain silent or your right to a lawyer.  Nothing  good comes of talking to a detective,  particularly if you have the slightest chance of having done something wrong.  If they ever say “you have the right to remain silent you have to be stone crazy to say anything else.  If they say, you have the right to an attorney,  STFU, and call a good qualified experienced criminal lawyer.  Don’t be “penny wise and pound foolish”.  Do not wait until you are arrested to talk to a good criminal defense lawyer.

Always exercise your constitutional rights.  You will never talk your way out of trouble.  As Ft. Myers criminal defense attorneys, we do not charge for an initial consultation.  If the cops come and ask for your computer, or come to talk about child porn, say nothing other than “I want to talk to a lawyer”.  Child pornography cases are on the rise and it is the admission that later destroys a good defense. 

So how do you find the best criminal defense lawyer for you?

It depends on the type of case.  You need a lawyer that has experience in your kind of problemAt our firm, one of the partners is a former Federal agent and Federal prosecutorThe other partner is a former State prosecutor from right here in Ft. Myers.  You would not hire a great foot doctor for a heart problem.  You need a lawyer that has actual trial experience in your kind of problem. 

Covid19 stay at home Stress = Domestic Violence

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April 9 2020

As if things were not tough enough, losing a job, dealing with unemployment and not being able to go anywhere, more and more people find the stress unbearable and take it out on the people they love.  Domestic battery arrests are up and that makes things a thousand times worse.  If you get arrested for domestic battery (fighting with your wife, your girlfriend or other loved one), chances are the judge will enter a no contact order.  That means you cannot go home and have to find somewhere else to live.  And where do you get the money for that?

Being jobless and broke is bad enough, a no contact order is a disaster.  Some people deal with the stay at home stress with alcohol.  News flash…Alcohol is a depressant.  If you were not stressed before, dump a few beers on top of the stress, and your world is a thousand times worse.  Most spouses do not intend to fight….it just happens.  A lot of times, neither one or the other calls the police, and it is a neighbor who hears the shouting and yelling that calls the cops.  When the cops come, they have a zero tolerance policy and someone is going to jail.  Most of the time, it is the guy. 

Our job as Ft. Myers criminal defense lawyers it to try and minimize the consequences of whatever bad decisions you have already made.  Our goal is to get the charges dropped if possible.  We want to get the family reunited and get things back to normal.  Often a wife or girlfriend will initially exaggerate what happened making things sound much worse than it really was.  A domestic violence arrest is like a snowball rolling down the hill.  Once it gets going, it is hard to stop.  Our job as a Lee County defense attorney is to make that happen.


Many times we may be able to present a good argument to the prosecutor as to how and why the dispute occurred.  Domestic battery does not mean someone has to be hurt.  A simple push, a nudge or a poking of the finger can get someone arrested.  As a criminal lawyer, I once handled a case where the husband threw a cup of cold coffee on his wife.  No injury at all, but he got arrested anyway.  Many times the husband is just trying to restrain a wife who has gone nuts over alcohol or jealousy, or worse yet, both.  We often get hired by the very person they say was the victim.  Cooler heads the next day sometimes prevail.  If you or a spouse got arrested for domestic violence, simple battery, or worse yet, aggravated battery and want to discuss the situation confidentially, give us a call. 

Sean C. O’Halloran Experienced Ft Myers Criminal Defense Attorney



Sean C. O’Halloran Experienced Ft Myers Criminal Defense Attorney 239-334-8890

March 11 2020

Arrested in Fort Myers for a DUI or while under the influence of alcohol or drugs? Experienced Fort Myers / Lee County DUI representation should be your next call.

Arrested at Spring Break in Ft. Myers

February 13 2020

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Arrested at Spring Break in Ft. Myers

No parent wants to get a call in the middle of the night from their college student.  College kids don’t call their parents unless they need money or have been arrested.  You may get a call in the middle of the night and hear a recording “This call is from an inmate at the Lee County Jail” and panic.  Do not panic.  We regularly represent college kids arrested at Ft. Myers Beach Spring Break for all types of cases like underage drinking, DUI, possession of marijuana, texting while driving resulting in an accident and sometimes more serious violations.  The police may tell your son or daughter “you don’t need to hire a lawyer…you are going to get Diversion”.  That may or may not be true.  An arrest, even if it ends in Diversion to some program may not be a wise choice.  If they live out of State, the “Diversion” program may not be an option and most importantly, your son or daughter may have a good solid defense that can win or get the case dismissed.

The goal is not to just keep from going to jail.  Your child needs to get the charge dismissed and any record of the arrest expunged.  A bogus arrest, even if it ends well, will still show up on their record in the future when applying for a scholarship, a job, entry into the military or some other important position.  This is particularly true if the arrest involves drugs. 

Attorney Sean O’Halloran grew up here in Ft. Myers and understands how easy it is for a kid to get in trouble doing something silly or stupid.  The reality is, college kids get into mischief and trouble and it needs to be handled the right way by a good criminal defense lawyer The money you spend now can make a huge difference in your son or daughter’s future.  It may be something like petit theft (shoplifting).  Imagine how that looks on a job application.  Sometimes it is something that can land them actually in prison.  We have handled “date rape” cases and when it comes to sex crimes or accusations of sexual battery, there is no such thing as a “simple case”.  An accusation of lewd conduct, lewd and lascivious battery or even something as simple as “improper exhibition” can change your child’s life forever.  Criminal Defense Attorney Peter Aiken has been handling sex crime cases for over thirty five years.

College kids sometimes get drunk and make bad choicesThe next choice, “who is the best criminal lawyer for my son or daughter” is one that has to be based on doing your homework.  All Lee County lawyers are not created equal.  Do your homework on how long they have been actually defending cases, not just how long they have been a lawyer or been a prosecutor.

The best way to find the best lawyer is to meet with the lawyer in person.  See for yourself.

Most Lee county lawyers offer an initial free consultation. If you or your loved ones get arrested or are under investigation this spring holiday season and would like us to review your bond options or go over your Fort Myers case and charges we are here to help.

We respect you and your privacy so all written correspondence and verbal conversations are strictly confidential.

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Cocaine Arrests in Ft. Myers and Cape Coral on increase

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 February 11 2020

Cocaine Arrests in Ft. Myers and Cape Coral on increase

Here in Ft. Myers, arrests for possession and sale of cocaine seem to be on the rise.  That could be because there is more cocaine in town or because of increased law enforcement efforts.  With the coming Spring Break there are going to be cocaine arrests of party go-ers. When the quantity exceeds certain amounts, the State will file “trafficking in cocaine” which jacks up the penalties.  Another technique the police use is to try and get someone to sell cocaine within a thousand feet of a school also to increase the sentence.  If they are successful in making a “buy”, they will also go back to the seller over and over to run up the charges and increase the sentencing guidelines.  If they can make a cocaine bust and get cocaine and guns to together, sometimes they file armed trafficking, again to run up the penalties

A drug arrest can ruin a college career.  It doesn’t have to be a hard drug like Cocaine or Heroin.  It can be a designer drug or even prescription drugs like

With the new technology, police can install surveillance cameras in high crime areas that can go un-noticed for months to watch for “street dealers” and unusual activity between cars and people walking up to cars. For Spring Break, the police may even put surveillance cameras on poles at Ft. Myers Beach.  You may just be hanging at the beach, drinking and partying and not even know the police are watching.

 The most common cocaine arrest is for possession and this generally occurs when the police find cocaine on a person they are arresting for something else.  A person may get arrested for DUI or arrested for driving on a suspended license, or public intoxication, and when they go to tow the vehicle and inventory the car, the cops often find drugs.  As a Ft. Myers criminal defense lawyer, I have had cases where a woman gets arrested for a small quantity of cocaine found in her purse she has totally forgotten about.  It may have been there from her partying weeks or months before.  You know how cluttered women’s purse can be.  It can just be a tiny amount of residue in a tiny bag.

The same goes for men.  It may be in a jacket or pants pocket, totally forgotten from months before.  As a criminal defense lawyer handling cases here in Lee County, I have had cases where a relative or friend borrows a car, a coat or piece of clothing then only to get arrested for something they had no idea was in their “possession”.

So, what is “Possession’?  You can have actual possession where the drug is on you, and you can get charged with “constructive possession, when the police find cocaine, pot, or some other drug in an area under your control, such as a car or hotel room.

Do not assume that because you have been arrested you will be found guilty.  Your car stop may have been illegal.  The search of your room may have been illegal.  If there was more than one person in the car you may have a fantastic defense.  Before you take drug court or some diversion program or probation, you really need to talk to a good criminal defense lawyer.

It may be weeks before a public defender actually has an office visit with you to discuss the specific facts of your case.  Sometimes “Diversion” or “Probation” can be a trap.  This is particularly true if you are a regular “user”.   Talking to a good criminal defense attorney may keep you from making a terrible mistake Most private lawyers don’t charge for a free initial consultation . If you are under investigation for possession of cocaine in FortMyers or have been arrested in Ft. Myers for cocaine possession and would like to know what you can do next…

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I cannot afford a lawyer….Will one be appointed for me?

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February 7 2020

I cannot afford a lawyer….Will one be appointed for me?

On television shows you hear the police advising people of their rights saying “and if you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you.  It is on the Miranda card that you see police reading to people.  Well, television is not reality and most of the time, the cops do nothing to get you a lawyer at the most critical time you need one…before they question you.

If you are under investigation or think you are going to get arrested you need to talk to a criminal defense attorney before you even think about talking to law enforcement.  The Public Defender does not get appointed until you are already arrested, booked and going before a judge. By then, they may have already gotten a confession or an admission out of you.  Most criminal defense lawyers do not charge for a free confidential consultation.

This is particularly true when it comes to sex investigations or leaving the scene of an accident investigation.  The police need your admission as the final link in their case.  Nothing good comes of waiving your right to remain silent and talking to the police.  You will not talk your way out of an arrest.  The police do not have to advise you of your rights until you are in custody and by then it is too late.

Talking to a criminal defense attorney before you are contacted by the police is absolutely critical.  We run into this all the time in Child pornography investigations and cases.  The police come with a search warrant.  They will take the suspect to a police SUV in the front yard where they secretly video tape a questioning.  They then ask things like “who had access to the computer”, “who else lives here”,  “Have you ever used Bittorrent or Utorrent or a peer to peer file sharing program”?  Sometimes they do not make the kiddie porn arrest that day and merely take the computers for future forensic examination. 

Never speak without an attorney present.  Never voluntarily give up your computer unless they have a warrant.  Never give up passwords or anything until you get legal advice.  When it comes to sex crimes and sex crime investigations, the police questioning, and a person’s answers may well be the most important part of the case.  You may be facing serious prison time if you have downloaded or watched child porn.  You can get charged either in State Court or Federal Court for Internet solicitation of a minor.  An admission that you were the one sitting at the computer is often the missing link the police need.

Do not be bullied into talking.  Lawyer up and keep your mouth shut….

How do I post bond for a friend or relative in Ft. Myers?

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January 31 2020

How do I post bond for a friend or relative in Ft. Myers?

If you are reading this, it is probably because a loved one or a relative has been arrested.  Many people do not understand how the bail bond system works and reading this can save you some serious money.

When a person gets arrested, unless it is a really serious crime, they are entitled to be released on bond pending disposition of their court case.  There is a “bond schedule” setting amounts for different offenses and if you call the jail, they will tell you the bond amount.  For some offenses, the person cannot immediately bond out, and in that case, they have to be taken before a judge within 24 hours for what is called an initial appearance.  Whether or not to immediately post bond is an important decision.  Your loved one will be calling you frantically saying “Get me out…get me out”.  If it is a serious case it is critical that you talk to good criminal defense lawyer before you make the decision on bond.  You may lose a lot of money if you make a hasty decision..

Here is how bond works.  You can post bond at the jail if you have the money.  If it is a low bond, and you have the money on hand, it is easy.  If it is a big bond you really need to talk to a lawyer first.  The lawyer may be able to get the bond reduced and it may cost you much less.

You might be contacted by a bondsman over the telephone.  They watch the arrests and they want the business.  A bondsman in Florida charges a 10% (ten percent fee) called a premium to write and post a “bond” that guarantees the person will appear.  Many times, that is the quickest and easiest way and there are lots of good reputable bondsmen.  For example, if the bond is $1500, it will cost you a $150 fee to get someone out.  If the bond is huge, $50,000 for example, it can cost you $5000 just for the bondsman’s “fee” and you don’t get that money back at the end of the case.  If it is a big bond, a criminal defense lawyer may be able to get it “reduced” in a bond reduction hearing.  For example, if the $50,000 bond got reduced to $10,000 you would pay a $1000 fee to the bondsman, instead of $5000 and you would save you $4000.

If a person was on probation when they got arrested on a new charge, you may be wasting money by bonding them out immediately.  You may pay the bondsman the fee, only to find out the next day your loved one is rearrested on a probation violation with no bond set.  In that case, you will have totally wasted the fee paid to the bondsman.

A good criminal defense attorney may be able to save you enough money on the bond to pay a lot of his fee.  Many people in desperation spend all of their money on bail bond and then have no money to hire a lawyer and end up with the Public Defender.  That is a huge mistake.

Many times having a lawyer at the “initial appearance” can make a huge difference.  It may result in “pre trial release” with no monetary bond.  In that case, it costs you nothing for bond.

In domestic violence cases, having a defense lawyer at the initial appearance may keep the judge from imposing very restrictive conditions such as “no contact” with a spouse.

If a relative has been arrested, your first call should be to the lawyer.  Know your options before you make a bad decision. 

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