Do I really need a lawyer? Why not just take the ERC offer?

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June 22 2018

If you get arrested in Lee County, either in Cape Coral, Ft. Myers or Leheigh, and your offense is a third degree felony or serious misdemeanor, if you do not immediately bond out, you will be taken before a judge within 24 hours. At that first appearance, you may be told that your case qualifies for ERC. That means you could be going to Early Resolution Court. You may be told that you do not need a lawyer and be advised to just “save your money” and take the deal they offer you. That really helps the judges and prosecutors because it makes the cases go quickly and reduces their workload. The truth is that, ERC may or may not help you or be in your best interest.

You may be offered “probation” at the early resolution court hearing. Although that may sound like a good deal, chances are, at the time you are offered that, you probably have not had an opportunity to have had a one on one meeting with the public defender or any lawyer. People often see the public defender for the first and only time in the courtroom. They may only get seconds with the public defender before having to make an important decision that can change their life. Probation may sound good, but it can be a trap. What if you are genuinely not guilty? What if it was someone else’s drugs? What if you really did not commit the crime? What if you are an addict or an alcoholic? What if you had a prescription for the drugs? What if you were only defending yourself? What if the arresting officer lied about why he stopped you? What if it was an illegal search?

If you take a plea deal and give up a good defense, it may be the biggest mistake of your life.

At our criminal defense office we handle probation violations and all too often, by the time people get to us, they have already given up a good defense, taken probation and now violated. Most lawyers, including the ones at our criminal defense office do not charge for an initial consultation. There is no downside to talking to a real good criminal lawyer before you make an important decision. A bad decision may have resulted in you getting arrested. Don’t make another bad decision and give up important rights without talking to a lawyer.
Our Constitution provides that you have a right to an attorney. The law says that “if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed for you”. The simple fact however is that all lawyers are not created equal. Doctors are not the same. Where would you go if you were really sick? Would you want to go to a really good doctor you selected or take your chances at the Public Health Clinic? That is a no brainer. You should always talk to a good qualified experienced lawyer.

What is ERC? Do I really need a criminal defense lawyer?

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June 18 2018

If you get arrested in Ft. Myers, arrested in Cape Coral or arrested in Lee County and you go before a Judge, you may be told that your case qualifies for ERC. Most people do not know what that means. The public defender may tell you that you do not need to hire a lawyer and that ERC is an easy and quick way to end your case. They may tell you that it is the best way to resolve your case.

Here are the facts!

ERC means Early Resolution Court. That may or may not be a good thing. On a positive note, that is an indication that your felony charge is not one of the more serious ones. It might be something like possession of cocaine, grand theft shoplifting, or the illegal use of a credit card or some type of felony battery. Some “plea bargains” are not really bargains. The State may be offering you probation on a charge that they were never going to file anyway. They may be offering you “Diversion” on a case they were going to have to drop. For example, if you were in a car that was illegally stopped, and if the police found some weed or pills in the car, they may have arrested everyone in the car. The prosecutor may realize that he has no case because of an illegal search and seizure or, he may realize that if there was more than one person in the car he has no proof the drugs were yours. It is easy for him to get you locked into some type of probation by offering you probation at ERC.

The number one reason people get arrested in Ft. Myers is for a probation violation. Probation for some people is a trap. For some people, there is no way they are going to make it. If you have an addiction, you are not going to make it. You will get violated. The Early Resolution Court makes the criminal justice system less crowded, and in some instances, if your case is hopeless, it may sound like a good way to go…but…you really should talk to a real lawyer.

Initial consultations are free with most law offices. Call before you make a decision. If you jump on the first deal they offer, you may regret it down the road. There is an old saying that a person should “look before they leap”. If you have not had a private one on one conversation with the public defender about the individual facts of your particular case, how can you make an intelligent decision? Our firm represents people on probation violations all the time. Sometimes, by the time they get to us they have already entered a plea and given up great defenses. You need to talk to a good lawyer before you take a deal….not when it is too late.

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Big Sex Sting Investigation in Ft. Myers

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May 22 2018

Big Sex Sting Investigation in Ft. Myers

Just when you thought the sex sting investigations were beginning to slow down several more Florida Counties ran them this past week.

In Lee, eighteen men were arrested and in Sarasota, it looks like another eight were arrested in a gay sex sting targeting Grinder participants.

The Sting in Lee is the “same old same old” where very experienced undercover chatters rope in the guys with sexual innuendo. News Flash Guys! There are no real young girls or boys who want to get it on with old men. It is always a cop. Over and over men fall for the same old ploy. The girl pretends to be of legal age and then the chatter switches it to 14 or 15. Never, no never, chat with anyone underage about anything, much less sex. The Sarasota operation was one where the undercover chatters on the gay site pose as “twinks” trying to lure in older guys.

The real question in most of the cases is “who is doing the real soliciting”?

As a sex sting lawyer I have handled over 40 of the sex sting cases. Did you ever notice that they only run the sex stings in Counties where the Sheriff is an elected official? For example, where the chief law enforcement officer is appointed and not elected there are no stings. The stings are great for the Sheriff. He can go on television telling the voters he is keeping children safe. There are real predators out there but most of them are too smart to fall for these stings. What the police usually get are gullible insecure men, often mentally challenged or autistic. The real smart predators don’t fall for the pitch. The sex stings are fishing for sharks but catching grunts. The sad thing is, unlike fishing, they don’t throw the by catch back. Everyone gets prosecuted. It will be interesting to follow the Ft. Myers cases to conclusion. What the public never hears is how the police often entrap otherwise shy gullible men into doing something they were not predisposed to do. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime. Never chat with a minor! Never send an explicit pic of your penis! No 14 year old girl is impressed with some old guy’s junk, but the cops are. Sending a penis pic to a minor will get you convicted, put in State prison and make you a sex offender for life. Think twice!

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Trump just signed Fosta law targeting human trafficking

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On Wednesday, President Trump signed the Fosta law making it illegal for Internet companies to allow ads that facilitate prostitution.

This is just seven days after the men running were arrested. Some of them are already pleading guilty. That put an end to their 100 million dollar business. Craigslist has already taken down their personals. The escorts in Ft. Myers now are going to have to find another way to advertise. They will be forced back into the bars and pick up place and onto the “Dark Web” where the sites are hosted overseas on in Countries without extradition. A 100 million dollar business is not going to just go away, it will just go underground.

As a sex crime lawyer I expect to see the people running the escort sites arrested and prosecuted in the very near future. There are First Amendment issues involved in the new law. It is imposing criminal liability for what someone else posts on a site. The prostitutes are not going to go away. They will just go to Facebook, Twitter and the other social media sites and more carefully word their posts. They will be on the dating sites like “Meetme”.

The new law is going to really take away a major law enforcement tool. Grady Judd is going to lose his ability to run sex stings by having his undercover detectives post on the sites. The law in one respect is good but in another bad. Go online today and type in “Ft. Myers Escorts”. Make a list of the sites you see. I am willing to bet than in ninety days, 90% of them will be out of business. This is going to push the “working girls” back into the bars and on the streets. The law was widely supported because it takes a bite out of the human trafficking business. I have advocated for years that a better solution would be to legalize and regulate prostitution in Florida. They don’t call it the oldest profession for nothing

Police K-9 bites Autistic Teen

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April 5 2018

Police regularly use K-9 partners to track and apprehend suspects who have fled the scene of a crime or done something illegal. In North Carolina this week, the police were called to help locate an autistic child that had gone missing. The police K-9 was allowed to smell his pillow and then released to track the child. The dog found him near the back yard and attacked and mauled the child. This was a horrible misuse of a trained attack K-9. It hardly ever makes the news but police K-9 dogs often bite suspects.

Years ago, on the East Coast of Florida, I did some research on a K-9 dog named Thor. He had been equipped with steel teeth. I found that in an 18 month period, the dog had hospitalized over a dozen suspects. In that case, the handler, had allowed the dog to bite every time he did a track. He did that to hone the basic animalistic tracking instinct. In other words, he let the dog bite the prey as a reward for a good track.

The dog in the North Carolina case should never have been let off leash. Police K-9 dogs are trained go bite and grab and hold. We have all seen the news report training videos where the dog is allowed to attack another officer wearing padded garb. If you have been arrested and a K-9 was deployed and bit you, let me hear about it. I am trying to gather statistics on the number of times police dogs are allowed to bite a suspect.
How many times was the dog allowed to bite?
Did you sustain stitches? Did it get infected?
Were you charged with fleeing and eluding or battery on a police officer (k-9 partner)?

As a criminal defense lawyer, I have found over the years that when a person arrested has to be transported to the hospital, the police to justify the physical injuries often charge a phony charge of resisting or battery to justify what they have done. Let me know if this has happened to you

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What if I Panicked and Left after an Accident?

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There is a media push right now encouraging people to stay at the scene of an automobile accident. Florida has over ninety thousand hit and runs, many involving death. The problem is, that if you are reading this blog, it is probably too late. The simple fact is, people sometimes, after an accident, freak out and leave. It may be because their license is suspended. It may be because they were drinking and are afraid of a DUI. It may be because they don’t have insurance or are driving someone else’s car. It may be because they are on probation for something else or because they have alcohol or drugs in their system. The Florida Highway patrol often runs ads encouraging you to come forward and “turn yourself in”. This is particularly true when there is a death. Confession may be good for the soul but it can land your body in State prison. Even if the guilt is eating you up, talk to a good experienced criminal defense lawyer first. Sadly, many Hispanic people because of our immigration laws have not been able to get a driver’s license. They may have been driving without a license. They may be afraid of remaining at the scene of an accident fearing deportation. If your license was suspended or you did not have a license, and you fled or left the scene, talk to us before turning yourself in. Under our criminal justice system, you have a right to remain silent.
If you live in Ft. Myers or Cape Coral and need to speak with a Spanish speaking lawyer, call and ask for Bob Foley. Bob, one of the partners, is a former FBI agent and he speaks fluent Spanish. We have offices both in Ft. Myers and in the Cape.

There may be an answer to your legal problem.

Do not try and fix it yourself.

If you were arrested and have bonded out and are afraid to go to Court because of an immigration issue or afraid of ICE, give us a call. We may be able to help you through your legal problem.

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FBI reviewing protocols after missed tip about Parkland shooter

Police Prostitution Stings….Who is soliciting Whom?

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Under the guise of stopping crime, the police are actually creating a crime. Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. In most of the advanced civilized countries, it is legal. Here in Florida it is not. The police routinely run “Sex stings” where undercover detectives pose as women offering sex for money. The stings are basically two types. On the one hand, many of the municipalities will have undercover female officers walking the street, winking, waving and flirting with passing motorists. When a prospective “john” stops, they engage them with sexual innuendo and try and entice the many to offer money. This ends in an arrest, public embarrassment, a prosecution and a statistic for the police department.

The other type of “sex sting” involves the Internet. The “pimp” like you used to see in the movies has been replaced by a computer or a smart phone. Women routinely offer sex on “Craigslist Casual Encounters” or sites like These are not poor victimized women, the victims of human trafficking. They mostly are women who have made a conscious choice to engage in sex for money. That has been happening for all of time. When the police run an Internet prostitution sting, the police will post an ad, an absolute solicitation for sex in exchange for money. When the man responds, he is invited, usually to a hotel, where he is arrested. The truth is, it is the police that are soliciting for prostitution, not the man. The man is merely accepting the solicitation of the undercover detective. This is an enormous waste of law enforcement resources. The police create a crime that would not have otherwise happened.These arrests ruin lives. This makes no sense whatsoever

The answer is to legalize prostitution. It already is in some places here in the United States. What is the difference between a man wining and dining a woman, spending money on her, making a bunch of false promises about affection or feelings or simply paying her for sex. Prostitution is one of the most honest relationships a man and woman can have. The woman wants his money and the man wants sex. In that situation, no one is victimizing anyone. It is truly a victimless crime, unless one of them is a cop. Then they make it a crime and ruin lives.

Legalizing prostitution would eliminate human trafficking. If prostitution was legal, if you could go to a safe place, pay money and have safe sex, who would take a chance with some illegal hooker or brothel. If prostitution was legal, if it was regulated, the women would have health exams, there would not be street hookers (most of whom have aids or are drug addicts) and it would be safe. Men have been paying for sex (one way or another) for all of human history. It is part of evolution. Studies have shown that female chimpanzees will grant sexual favors for fruit and protection. Many professionals, many people who have time consuming careers, many people who are workaholics, simply don’t have time, or want, a permanent relationship. Sexual needs and desires are hardwired into our very beings. Sex is a natural instinct that when denied, creates social issues. Legalizing prostitution would cut down on real sex crimes like rape or child molestation. Legalizing prostitution would actually reduce crime. The truth, which no one wants to hear, or acknowledge, is that it is the police that are doing the soliciting. It is the police that are creating a crime. It is the police that are enforcing an archaic and unfair law.
Don’t fall for the hype and press reposts…..Contact your legislator now….Legalize prostitution

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Arrestos por drogas en el aumento de la zona costera De Bradenton a Ft. Myers redadas de drogas están aumentando

Parece haber un pico en la aplicación de las leyes con respecto a las sustancias controladas. Las paradas del coche están aumentando. Las operaciones encubiertas están aumentando, en particular con respecto a los opiáceos como la OxyContin y la oxicodona. Todas las agencias de policía están apuntando al fentanilo. El tráfico de casos de cocaína está aumentando y hay un gran empujón en Ft. Myers, Punta Gorda, Venice, Sarasota y Bradenton para reprimir a los traficantes. En todas partes los arrestos de drogas están aumentando.

“¿Cómo sé que no eres policía?” “le pregunté si él era la policía” ¿no tienen que decir la verdad sobre ser un policía “?…… Oigo esto todo el tiempo. Alerta…. son policías encubiertos y pueden mentir. La policía en una capacidad encubierta no tiene que responder sinceramente o decirle que son policías. ¡DUHHH! Por eso los llaman policías encubiertos.
No me leyeron mis derechos…. ¿no es eso ilegal?La verdad es que no tienen que leerle sus derechos. Si la policía le ve cometer un delito o si se ocupa de ellos y están en una capacidad encubierta, no tienen que leer sus derechos, incluso después de que le arrestan. La única vez que tienen que leerle sus derechos es si le van a interrogar. Si no lo hacen, entonces lo que Ud. dice no debe ser usado en la corte. Pueden tener un caso perfectamente bueno y no necesitan que Ud. responda a las preguntas.

La mayoría de las personas arrestadas por drogas no conocen la ley… por eso contratan abogados.

En nuestra firma de defensa criminal conocemos la ley. Sabemos lo que funciona y lo que no cuando se trata de las defensas. No crea lo que ve en programas de abogados televisivos. Eso es entretenimiento, no vida real. Si Ud. ha sido arrestado por Coca, heroína, fentanilo o mota y necesita un buen abogado con experiencia llámenos. La consulta es gratuita.
Tenemos oficinas en Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda y Sarasota. También manejamos casos de la droga en Bradenton.

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