and Arrest Me

Ever since the Feds shut down Craigslist Casual Encounters and, the undercover detectives all over Florida have shifted their focus to sites like

Although women posting there are supposed to confirm that they are old enough, detectives have been posting pictures of women that have been digitally enhanced to make them appear they are younger. When an unsuspecting guy responds, usually, in the first few posts the undercover chatter will throw out the fact that the age is anywhere between 13 and 15. At this point, they will engage in chat and texts, pretending to be a coy teenager encouraging men to travel and meet. Sadly, many lonely men fall for this ploy and find themselves arrested for solicitation of a minor or traveling to meet a minor. I have handled 41 Internet sex sting cases and there is a pattern to the police tactics.

The sharp detectives will generally give the potential defendant an “out” texting something like “I understand if I am too young for you”. Some of the detectives however will play the guy saying something like “I am inexperienced” or “I guess you could teach me”. Many men out of loneliness and mostly curiosity will continue to chat and later getting arrested.

The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime. Do not get entrapped and lured into doing something that in a million years you would never do. Curiosity killed the cat and curiosity can get you arrested and landed in State prison. Even worse, it can make you a registered sex offender for the rest of your life. It can ruin your life forever.

The police are getting desperate to make sex sting arrests and now more and more are focusing on the normal dating sites. If you hear “thirteen”, “fourteen” or “fifteen”, no matter what the picture looks like, terminate all communication. They don’t call it “jail bait for nothing”. There are no young girls out there that need any old guy to teach them anything. Always get absolute confirmation of the age of anyone you meet or date. Do not assume that because they are on an adult site that they are an adult.
The police are also targeting the gay dating sites luring middle age men into chatting with undercover cops pretending to be teenage boys. Sex with a minor is not worth it. Do not ruin your life and succumb to weakness, loneliness or temptation. Never, no never, send a “dick pic” to anyone that says they are underage.

It is a crime.

If you or a loved one has an issue and want to know more about sex stings, feel free to give me a call at 941 366 3506