A little beer, some Christmas Cheer and a DUI for the New Year

You don’t want to start the New Year with a DUI arrest. With Uber, there is no reason to ever get a DUI, but people do. Good people do get arrested all the time. Most of the DUI arrests do not come on New Year’s eve. Most arrests are the result of Christmas parties in the two weeks prior to Christmas. People who normally do not drink get a little toasted at the company Christmas party and get busted for DUI driving home. Actually, there are few arrests on New Year’s eve. A DUI conviction can really hurt your career. It can cost you your license, raise your insurance and hurt future job opportunities.

We have been defending DUI cases here in Ft. Myers for over 15 years and the three partners in our criminal defense firm have over sixty years combined actual courtroom experience in defending DUI cases. There are hundreds of lawyers that claim to have experience, but a lot of them have that as former prosecutors, putting people in jail, not as defense lawyers, keeping them out.

All lawyers are not created equal, nor do they have the same qualifications and background and experience. Some DUI cases can have really serious consequences. If the DUI involves an accident with injury, or worse yet a death, a person can be looking at a ten year State prison sentence. You don’t want a “ticket” lawyer handling a serious felony criminal case. You need a real deal experienced felony criminal defense lawyer from the get go. A quality criminal defense is based on thorough investigation, intense preparation and a dedication to leaving no stone unturned. Hiring a good Ft. Myers defense lawyer should not be based only on advertising. Check out the firm’s background and history. Look at the years of experience actually defending cases. Look at their track record. Talk is cheap so do your homework in making your selection.

Sometimes people want to save money and opt for the Public Defender. There is an old saying in life, “you get what you pay for” and sometimes “free” comes at a cost later. The bottom line is, that the best way to not get a DUI, is to not drink and drive…. but people still do.