Police Prostitution Stings….Who is soliciting Whom?

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Under the guise of stopping crime, the police are actually creating a crime. Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. In most of the advanced civilized countries, it is legal. Here in Florida it is not. The police routinely run “Sex stings” where undercover detectives pose as women offering sex for money. The stings are basically two types. On the one hand, many of the municipalities will have undercover female officers walking the street, winking, waving and flirting with passing motorists. When a prospective “john” stops, they engage them with sexual innuendo and try and entice the many to offer money. This ends in an arrest, public embarrassment, a prosecution and a statistic for the police department.

The other type of “sex sting” involves the Internet. The “pimp” like you used to see in the movies has been replaced by a computer or a smart phone. Women routinely offer sex on “Craigslist Casual Encounters” or sites like Backpage.com. These are not poor victimized women, the victims of human trafficking. They mostly are women who have made a conscious choice to engage in sex for money. That has been happening for all of time. When the police run an Internet prostitution sting, the police will post an ad, an absolute solicitation for sex in exchange for money. When the man responds, he is invited, usually to a hotel, where he is arrested. The truth is, it is the police that are soliciting for prostitution, not the man. The man is merely accepting the solicitation of the undercover detective. This is an enormous waste of law enforcement resources. The police create a crime that would not have otherwise happened.These arrests ruin lives. This makes no sense whatsoever

The answer is to legalize prostitution. It already is in some places here in the United States. What is the difference between a man wining and dining a woman, spending money on her, making a bunch of false promises about affection or feelings or simply paying her for sex. Prostitution is one of the most honest relationships a man and woman can have. The woman wants his money and the man wants sex. In that situation, no one is victimizing anyone. It is truly a victimless crime, unless one of them is a cop. Then they make it a crime and ruin lives.

Legalizing prostitution would eliminate human trafficking. If prostitution was legal, if you could go to a safe place, pay money and have safe sex, who would take a chance with some illegal hooker or brothel. If prostitution was legal, if it was regulated, the women would have health exams, there would not be street hookers (most of whom have aids or are drug addicts) and it would be safe. Men have been paying for sex (one way or another) for all of human history. It is part of evolution. Studies have shown that female chimpanzees will grant sexual favors for fruit and protection. Many professionals, many people who have time consuming careers, many people who are workaholics, simply don’t have time, or want, a permanent relationship. Sexual needs and desires are hardwired into our very beings. Sex is a natural instinct that when denied, creates social issues. Legalizing prostitution would cut down on real sex crimes like rape or child molestation. Legalizing prostitution would actually reduce crime. The truth, which no one wants to hear, or acknowledge, is that it is the police that are doing the soliciting. It is the police that are creating a crime. It is the police that are enforcing an archaic and unfair law.
Don’t fall for the hype and press reposts…..Contact your legislator now….Legalize prostitution

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Arrestos por drogas en el aumento de la zona costera De Bradenton a Ft. Myers redadas de drogas están aumentando

Parece haber un pico en la aplicación de las leyes con respecto a las sustancias controladas. Las paradas del coche están aumentando. Las operaciones encubiertas están aumentando, en particular con respecto a los opiáceos como la OxyContin y la oxicodona. Todas las agencias de policía están apuntando al fentanilo. El tráfico de casos de cocaína está aumentando y hay un gran empujón en Ft. Myers, Punta Gorda, Venice, Sarasota y Bradenton para reprimir a los traficantes. En todas partes los arrestos de drogas están aumentando.

“¿Cómo sé que no eres policía?” “le pregunté si él era la policía” ¿no tienen que decir la verdad sobre ser un policía “?…… Oigo esto todo el tiempo. Alerta…. son policías encubiertos y pueden mentir. La policía en una capacidad encubierta no tiene que responder sinceramente o decirle que son policías. ¡DUHHH! Por eso los llaman policías encubiertos.
No me leyeron mis derechos…. ¿no es eso ilegal?La verdad es que no tienen que leerle sus derechos. Si la policía le ve cometer un delito o si se ocupa de ellos y están en una capacidad encubierta, no tienen que leer sus derechos, incluso después de que le arrestan. La única vez que tienen que leerle sus derechos es si le van a interrogar. Si no lo hacen, entonces lo que Ud. dice no debe ser usado en la corte. Pueden tener un caso perfectamente bueno y no necesitan que Ud. responda a las preguntas.

La mayoría de las personas arrestadas por drogas no conocen la ley… por eso contratan abogados.

En nuestra firma de defensa criminal conocemos la ley. Sabemos lo que funciona y lo que no cuando se trata de las defensas. No crea lo que ve en programas de abogados televisivos. Eso es entretenimiento, no vida real. Si Ud. ha sido arrestado por Coca, heroína, fentanilo o mota y necesita un buen abogado con experiencia llámenos. La consulta es gratuita.
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