Arrested on Spring Break in Ft Myers?

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Arrested on Spring Break ?
It happens every year. The college kids come here for a week or so looking for some fun on the beach. The simple fact is sometimes kids make mistakes and do something stupid. It may be as simple as drinking too much or getting a DUI or getting into a scuffle and charged with simple battery. Sadly sometimes it can be something serious like a drug charge or a felony that can change their life forever. If you are a parent and get the call you have dreaded that your son or daughter has been arrested, instead of being angry, you need to get them immediate legal help. Do not let your child start life with a criminal record. A silly childish mistake can make a huge difference in where they can go to college, where they can work and what they can do with the rest of their life.
Over the years, I have represented hundreds if not thousands of young men and women charged with all types of criminal offenses. A bar fight can result in an arrest for aggravated battery.  If they resist arrest sometimes the police charge them with battery on a law enforcement officer. If they are stoned or drugged out of their mind and are taken to the hospital and scuffle with a nurse or doctor, they can be charged with a felony for battery on a medical provider. If they buy synthetic marijuana, bath salts or some other illegal substance they can end up hospitalized or worse yet arrested. Arrests here in Ft Myers, Sarasota and Bradenton spike each year this time. How do you find a good lawyer for quality representation?
Hiring a good criminal lawyer should never be based on slick advertising. What you should look for is a history of good quality experience. Experience is a big deal in choosing a criminal lawyer. As a father, I have actual experience with kids of my own. I know how trying the teenage years can be and know the challenges involved in keeping kids on track to a productive life. Avoid the temptation to let them handle it on their own. Do not abandon them and force them to use the public defender. You may regret it later. Do not let them sit in jail to teach them a lesson. If the bond was set high, we may be able to get it reduced. The Sarasota police and the Sarasota Sheriff’s deputies often overcharge people and saddle them with a number of questionable charges. If your child gets charged with a sex offense like date rape, solicitation, sexting or a lewd act you must hire someone experienced in defending sex crimes. I have defended kids now for over thirty years. Call Now to Aiken O’Halloran and Banyai of Lee County Florida at 239 334 8890 for a free consultation.