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If you find yourself under investigation by DCF or local law enforcement for child abuse or child neglect, do not try and talk your way out of it. Although DCF may be well intentioned, many times the investigators look at things from a very one sided point of view. This is particularly true when there is an allegation of sexual contact or sexual abuse. Unfortunately, sometimes stepdaughters falsely accuse the new stepdad in an attempt to break up a relationship. They miss their natural father and want him back in their life. They resent the fact that their mom has established a new relationship and are hell bent on breaking it up. They know that by simply making up a story about being “molested” they can get the step dad thrown out of the house and thrown into jail.
Honest affection for the new kids in your life can be misinterpreted. A totally non sexual touching can be misinterpreted and spun into something inappropriate. Teenage girls sometimes lie to get their way and a false accusation of sexual abuse can destroy a man’s life forever. We have been defending sexual molestation cases for years and have found that about half the time, the accusation is totally false. Just because it is false does not mean that the DCF or the State Attorney will not try and do something. It seems that detectives and DCF investigators seem to always take the young girls side and believe what they are saying. They come into the investigation with a totally slanted point of view determined to prove that the allegation is true. That is when you really need a good criminal lawyer with experience in handling DCF and criminal matters. It is important to get to the bottom of things quickly. Facebook posts, emails and texts written at the time by the young girl can sometimes make the difference in a case going criminal or not. We have been doing this for years and have found that often kids send texts or emails describing things entirely differently and in direct conflict with what they are now saying. A picture may be worth a thousand words. A picture of a happy smiling young girl may refute a later accusation or fear or unhappiness. We use top notch investigators that many times do a better job than the police in getting to the truth.

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