Alligator Kills Burglar

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In Brevard County, police hours ago, confirmed that an alligator did indeed kill a young burglar fleeing from the police. Evidently, when the police dispatched a helicopter and patrol units to pursue two suspicious men dressed in black, one of them jumped in the lake to hide. Running from the police turned out to be a huge mistake. He was attacked, drowned and partially eaten by an eleven foot alligator. The gator, an extremely aggressive one, was later killed and after examining it, it was confirmed that the gator was indeed the cause of death.
Some years ago, I represented a young man who after being handcuffed by the police, took off running and jumped into a lake. Evidently, he failed to comprehend that he could not swim while handcuffed. The officer actually jumped in and saved his life. It is never a good idea to run from the police. The recent police dash cam videos prove that many time this results in the suspect being shot. If the police say “stop”, you need to do so. You are much better to shut your mouth and “lawyer up” than take a chance on being killed. A good criminal defense lawyer is a much better option than taking your chances with the police possibly killing you.
Running will also get you charged with the additions crime of “resisting arrest” or “fleeing and eluding”. The police often also charge “aggravated assault” claiming the vehicle was driven towards them when in fact they jumped in front of the vehicle to stop it. We live in dangerous times and the police often over react. In Cape Coral and Ft. Myers, with all the gun violence, tensions are high. Do not take a chance and try to escape. You cannot outrun the police radio or the helicopter. Getting good solid legal representation from an experienced criminal lawyer is hands down the only way to go.
If you are being arrested, put your hands in the air and make no movement that will justify them shooting you. Do not give them any lip and for God’s sake, keep your mouth shut. The only words out of your mouth should be “I want to talk to a lawyer”. No matter what they say, insist on talking to a lawyer. There are a lot of good cops out there. There is also a small minority within any police department that use “excessive force” and just look for a reason to light you up. In any police encounter, keep your cool, shut your mouth and let the lawyer do the talking for you. It is better to be safe than sorry.
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