Legalizing marijuana is not only over due but absolutely necessary.  The drug war against marijuana is not only a losing battle but is absolutely harmful to the health and well being of the public.  Did our lawmakers learn nothing from Prohibition?  When alcohol was made illegal it was the birth of organized crime in America.  In a few short years a criminal empire was created that still exists today.  As a former prosecutor and a veteran criminal defense lawyer, I understand the pros and cons of legalization of pot.  The time is now to change this stupid law.

When the Feds cracked down on pot in the Seventies, it pushed the smugglers into Cocaine, a more compact product to smuggle.  When the Feds cracked down on cocaine the crack cocaine industry exploded.  When the Feds cracked down on crack with the terrible Federal Sentencing Guidelines it unfairly punished Blacks and the poor.  The latest push is to crack down on grow houses in Lee County.  Making locally grown pot hard to get has fueled to explosion in the synthetic marijuana market.  Our lawmakers are way out of touch with reality.  The war on pot is lost and the sooner our lawmakers realize it the better off we will all be.

Law enforcement is a huge industry in Florida.  We already have more people in jail than any country in the world.  The privatization of prisons now puts corporate America in the business of putting and keeping people in jail.  As a criminal lawyer, this sickens me.  My partner can remember the Sixties and Seventies and have many friends who still smoke pot.  The truth is that many highly respected citizens still are midnight tokers.  Many political figures still burn one every now and then.  It is so hypocritical for them to support these archaic laws.  Go rent a movie called “reefer madness”, get yourself some munchies and chill one night watching one of the funniest movies you will ever see.

As an attorney trying pot cases I have seen a change in the attitude of juries.  Half the prospective jurors will admit to smoking weed in their life.  The other half will simply lie about it.  How many of the judges smoked?  How many of the young prosecutors smokes pot in college?  It is time to change the law.  If you have questions, or god forbid you have been busted for possession of Marijuana, sale of marijuana or cultivation of marijuana in a grow house, call today for a free consultation.  As a drug lawyer , I understand and will vigorously defend you. Call Sean O’Halloran today for a free consultation 239-334-8890

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