What is a Lawyers Free Consultation?


What is a free consultation?

Does it cost money to talk to a lawyer? Many lawyers charge an hourly fee just to speak to them about retaining their services. You should not have to pay a fee to initially discuss your situation. Hiring a lawyer is a big decision and choosing the best lawyer for a criminal case is a decision that should not be based on advertising but rather a personal interview. If your loved one is in jail, you need a criminal defense attorney that will go to the jail and speak with him, or her, in person, and that should not cost you money. At our criminal defense firm, all of our initial consultations are free. We will meet you in person, or go to the jail if necessary, so the person under arrest can see the lawyer in person before making a decision.

What if I am under investigation?

If you find out the police want to talk to you, or find out someone has accused you of a crime, do not wait until the police come, or you are arrested, to talk to a lawyer. Get in for a free consultation immediately. Many times, hiring a lawyer in the beginning can make a huge difference.A good criminal attorney may be able to speak to the detectives or the prosecutor and may be able to keep you from being arrested. This is particularly true in sex crime investigations. Finding and preserving evidence that you did not do it, and getting sworn statements from witnesses, in the very early stages is critical. Many people do not want to hire an attorney until after they have been picked up. That is a mistake. Simply picking up the phone and speaking with an attorney may give you the satisfaction of knowing that if something bad does happen, you have a lawyer on stand by.

Here in Ft. Myers, some lawyers charge simply to talk to them and others do not. WE DO NOT.

Here are some rules to live by:
Never make a statement to the police without talking to a lawyer first.
Never consent to a search or your car or house….demand a search warrant.
Never surrender your computer or cell phone……demand a warrant.
Never give investigators a password to your phone or computer.
If they read you your rights, shut up and demand to see a lawyer
Never let them bully you or trick you into talking.

If you follow these rules, your chances of winning are greatly increased

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