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A parent’s worst nightmare is the call from their straight A college student or underage student on Summer Break that he has been arrested in Florida for an offense that can destroy his or her career before it starts. Each year, hundreds of college kids are arrested in Sarasota, Manatee, Hillsborough, Pinellas and Lee County for offenses at the beach at resorts, dance clubs and after hours parties. Usually the arrests start out for some minor offense like open container, misdemeanor marijuana possession or public physical altercation. Sometimes, off duty police officers work at the bars and even the slightest resistance will result in an arrest for resisting arrest, a misdemeanor, or worse yet resisting arrest with violence. If there is a physical altercation the officers will often charge a major felony such as battery on a police officer. A simple night of fun, socializing and sometimes drinking can be a life altering experience for your child or young adult.
As an experienced criminal defense law firm we handle numerous student crimes including offenses such as using a false identification. This charge can be filed as either a simple misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances. Something as simple as changing the date on a driver’s license can result in your child being charged with a felony. Another charge such as possession of marijuana , heroin or designer drugs can result in a blemish to your child’s future employment opportunities not to mention a possible two year loss of a drivers license. The reality is that unless even minor charges are handled correctly you child’s future can be ruined. If your child is arrested, do not let him plead guilty simply to get it over with. There may be valid defenses and as criminal defense lawyers we may be able to beat the case or get him into some alternative program that will result in the charges being dropped. Our criminal defense firm may be able to have his arrest record expunged so in the future a Google search or a public records search may not disclose it. We live in the age of the Internet and a simple indiscretion now needs to be addressed properly. If your child is charged with DUI, you need to have good representation because it may result in a jail sentence and for sure will affect your insurance rates and reputation.
Contact Peter Aiken at Aiken , O’Halloran and Associates at our Sarasota County Criminal Defense Law Firm 941-366-3506 or our Lee County Criminal Defense Firm for a free consultation 239-334-8890. Call us 24/7. We take all major credit cards. We may be able to resolve your student’s case without him or her ever having to come back to Florida.

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