Domestic Violence Battery Cases up in Ft. Myers

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AUGUST 1 2020

The stress of the Covid crisis is taking its toll on Ft. Myers families.  These are hard time.  People have lost jobs and income.  Social distancing is contributing to people taking out their stress on the people they love.  Husbands and Wives are at each other, and this can cause people to explode in anger.  The anger is a reaction to the stress. 

If you or a loved one got arrested here in Lee County for Domestic Battery, it can turn your life upside down.  This is particularly if the first appearance judge as a condition of bond enters the typical no contact order.  Most families in these hard times cannot afford one place to live, much less two.

As Ft. Myers criminal defense lawyers, in domestic cases, we have found that many times, both parties want the no contact order lifted.  Generally, the public defender does not get to this for weeks.  Private criminal defense lawyers can many times get the State prosecutor to agree to have the no contact order lifted and get it done in a much shorter period of time, sometimes in a day or so.  Most of the time the domestic violence cases are not part of a pattern of violence, but rather an isolate incidence brought on by alcohol. 

With the bars shut down, people are drinking at home.  If you put alcohol on top of stress and unemployment, it is a recipe for people taking it out on each other.  One of our goals in most of the cases is to heal the family situation and restore the normal family life.

People often get rearrested for violation of the no contact order, and can find themselves back in jail on a no bond Court order.  Having a good Ft. Myers criminal defense lawyer can help tremendously.  If you sit in jail, you may lose the job you have.  If you get rearrested for a violation of the no contact order, even if it was accidental, your case can get worse.  As a we know what to do.  Knowing who to call, knowing the law, and knowing how to get quick hearings, can make the difference in how long a person sits in custody. Initial consultations are free. Give us a call and we may be able to help.  May times the husband or wife did not want the other spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend arrested.  Lee County defense attorneys  A really good Ft. Myers or Cape Coral defense lawyer can make a huge difference.  Call and we can discuss your options