I need the best criminal defense attorney in Ft Myers….Who should I call?

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer, a good one, is an important decision that should not be made based only on advertising.  Here is Lee County, whether it be Cape Coral or Ft.Myers, if you have been arrested, for a felony or a misdemeanor, you really need to talk to a good experienced defense attorney before doing anything.  Most lawyers do not charge for an initial confidential consultation either in person or by phone.  Even with the Covid situation, an interview can be arranged.

So who is the best criminal defense lawyer here?  The real question should be, who is the best criminal defense attorney for me, and my kind of case?  The sad truth is that we live in a world of advertising and being good at advertising does not the same as being good in the Courtroom or being good at negotiating and obtaining good results.  No lawyer should ever claim to be the “best”.  That is all Ego talking.  Good results come from experience, maturity, negotiating skills, and contacts.

Here are some things you might look for:

https://www.aikenohalloran.com/How long as the lawyer been practicing here in Ft. Myers or the Cape? 

Does the lawyer have a background as a former prosecutor?

How long has the lawyer been defending cases?  (prosecuting a case is not the same as defending, ask us why)

Does the lawyer have experience in your type of case?  How many trials has he actually done?

Does the lawyer have experience in complex cases or serious felony crimes?

How long has the lawyer lived here in Ft Myers?  Does he have contacts and a reputation here?

Is the lawyer respected by the judges and other lawyers?  Does he have credibility?

Is this the lawyer I want at my side in the Courtroom?

To answer that last question, you need to talk to and meet with the Lawyer.

Take advantage of the free consultation.  Call and talk or make an appointment!

There is no substitute for actually meeting the lawyer when possible.  What is his or her(the attorney) demeanor?  Does he or she (the lawyer) sound condescending or judgmental or is the lawyer compassionate.  Does the lawyer have local experience before the local courts?  The reality is, that in the world of advertising, reviews and ratings can be rigged.  Do not rely on paid referral services or a bondsman’s recommendation or suggestion.  Go meet the lawyer and form your own opinion. 

If you want to talk and want an honest evaluation of your case and your chances…

Call for a free consultation and ask for Sean O’Halloran or Peter Aiken 239-334-8890

Aiken and O’Halloran SW Florida Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys: Sean O’Halloran Ft Myers 239-334-8890 Sarasota: Peter D. Aiken 941-366-3506 All other Counties in Florida: 941-366-3506