Christmas Party DUI Arrests

Here in Ft. Myers and Cape Coral over the next two weeks Driving under the Influence arrests are going to spike.  In the days before Christmas, many of us are attending holiday office parties and Christmas gatherings.  Many people who normally do not drink will have one or two drinks and become impaired.  For people who are not used to alcohol, it only takes a little bit, one or two drinks, to affect their ability to drive.  This is particularly true for non drinkers.  People can build up a tolerance to alcohol and some people can function after three or four drinks, where some become impaired after just a little bit of alcohol.

If you find yourself arrested for DUI over the holidays, it is probably because of a bad decision to drink and drive.  You now face an important decision on getting legal representation and hiring the best lawyer for a DUI is critical.  Not all lawyers understand the complexities of DUI law.  Imagine how losing your license for six months or a year will change your life.  Imagine how it will affect your job, your insurance rates and your family.  There will be checkpoints over the holidays here in Lee County and many people are going to get stopped and many will be charged with driving under the influence.  Who do you hire to represent you?

Some people either do not have the funds to hire a good dui lawyer or cannot raise the money and will use the Public Defender.  Sadly, the Public Defender deals only with the criminal aspects of the case and not many of the license pitfalls that occur administratively.  Having your own private DUI lawyer is critical to getting a good result that covers both your criminal case and your license issues.  At Aiken and O’Halloran, we have decades of experience in defending DUI arrests.  It is important to understand the consequences of pleading guilty.  Even if deep down you really were impaired, resolving your case for a lesser charge may be possible.  If there was a collision, or worse yet an injury, it is critical to avoid a conviction if at all possible.

Most law firms, including ours, do not charge for a free consultation, and there are many time deadlines you may miss if you wait until your court date to consult an attorney.  Hiring a lawyer should not be based on advertising alone.  Sean O’halloran, here at Aiken and O’halloran will be more than happy to answer questions you may have on how to go forward.  Experience does count when it comes to defending DUI cases, you may have defenses you are unaware of.  Do not assume you are “legally guilty” and simply plea guilty at your first arraignment.  If you need information on the options and decisions you now face, we can help you in that process.