Who is the best criminal lawyer in Charlotte County?

Most lawyers advertise, and as in all of business it is difficult to determine whether or not the service will live up to the claims in advertising. If you want to find the best DUI lawyer in Punta Gorda or the best criminal lawyer in Port Charlotte the first step is to decide what type of lawyer you are seeking.

Many times, it depends on the type of case. Some lawyers specialize in traffic tickets, DUI cases and misdemeanors. Other lawyers handle mostly felonies and serious cases. Choosing the best lawyer depends on your specific needs.

All lawyers are not created equal. Some lawyers have years of experience and some have relatively none. Some criminal law attorneys have a background as a former prosecutor, former law enforcement officer or other special skills, in addition to the minimum qualifications for being eligible to practice law. Would you want a “ticket lawyer” handling a serious felony charge like trafficking in drugs, DUI homicide or some charge carrying a minimum mandatory sentence in State prison?

You need to go beyond the lawyer’s ad and actually Google the lawyer. If you are dealing with a firm, how long have they been in business? How many cases have the lawyers handled? What type of cases do the generally handle? Although reviews are helpful, as we all know, reviews can be manipulated. Nothing beats an in person interview with the lawyer. Meet and see him in person. As you talk to the lawyer, ask pointed questions. As yourself, is this the lawyer I want standing beside me in the courtroom? Can I trust my freedom to this lawyer?

If you get charged with a sex crime, and are facing thirty years or possibly life, would you want a lawyer that has handled lots of sex crime cases? If you have a probation violation in Punta Gorda, would you want lawyers that have been there for ten years, knows the system, and have handled hundreds of similar cases?

The bottom line is, do not choose a lawyer based solely on advertising.

If you want the best, do your homework. Some lawyers specialize in advertising and simply refer cases to other lawyers for a living. They seldom if ever show up in Court. If you are looking for the “real thing”, spend a few hours on the Internet researching their qualifications and experience. Do not shop for the cheapest lawyer when your freedom is at stake. Do not opt for the public defender if you can afford your own lawyer. Do not fall for the trap of probation if a good lawyer could have won your case. Would you want to buy the cheapest parachute? Do you want the cheapest life raft? Chances are, a mistake in judgement got you into your current situation. Don’t make another mistake by hiring the wrong lawyer.

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