Big Sex Sting Investigation in Ft. Myers

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May 22 2018

Big Sex Sting Investigation in Ft. Myers

Just when you thought the sex sting investigations were beginning to slow down several more Florida Counties ran them this past week.

In Lee, eighteen men were arrested and in Sarasota, it looks like another eight were arrested in a gay sex sting targeting Grinder participants.

The Sting in Lee is the “same old same old” where very experienced undercover chatters rope in the guys with sexual innuendo. News Flash Guys! There are no real young girls or boys who want to get it on with old men. It is always a cop. Over and over men fall for the same old ploy. The girl pretends to be of legal age and then the chatter switches it to 14 or 15. Never, no never, chat with anyone underage about anything, much less sex. The Sarasota operation was one where the undercover chatters on the gay site pose as “twinks” trying to lure in older guys.

The real question in most of the cases is “who is doing the real soliciting”?

As a sex sting lawyer I have handled over 40 of the sex sting cases. Did you ever notice that they only run the sex stings in Counties where the Sheriff is an elected official? For example, where the chief law enforcement officer is appointed and not elected there are no stings. The stings are great for the Sheriff. He can go on television telling the voters he is keeping children safe. There are real predators out there but most of them are too smart to fall for these stings. What the police usually get are gullible insecure men, often mentally challenged or autistic. The real smart predators don’t fall for the pitch. The sex stings are fishing for sharks but catching grunts. The sad thing is, unlike fishing, they don’t throw the by catch back. Everyone gets prosecuted. It will be interesting to follow the Ft. Myers cases to conclusion. What the public never hears is how the police often entrap otherwise shy gullible men into doing something they were not predisposed to do. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime. Never chat with a minor! Never send an explicit pic of your penis! No 14 year old girl is impressed with some old guy’s junk, but the cops are. Sending a penis pic to a minor will get you convicted, put in State prison and make you a sex offender for life. Think twice!

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