What if I Panicked and Left after an Accident?

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There is a media push right now encouraging people to stay at the scene of an automobile accident. Florida has over ninety thousand hit and runs, many involving death. The problem is, that if you are reading this blog, it is probably too late. The simple fact is, people sometimes, after an accident, freak out and leave. It may be because their license is suspended. It may be because they were drinking and are afraid of a DUI. It may be because they don’t have insurance or are driving someone else’s car. It may be because they are on probation for something else or because they have alcohol or drugs in their system. The Florida Highway patrol often runs ads encouraging you to come forward and “turn yourself in”. This is particularly true when there is a death. Confession may be good for the soul but it can land your body in State prison. Even if the guilt is eating you up, talk to a good experienced criminal defense lawyer first. Sadly, many Hispanic people because of our immigration laws have not been able to get a driver’s license. They may have been driving without a license. They may be afraid of remaining at the scene of an accident fearing deportation. If your license was suspended or you did not have a license, and you fled or left the scene, talk to us before turning yourself in. Under our criminal justice system, you have a right to remain silent.
If you live in Ft. Myers or Cape Coral and need to speak with a Spanish speaking lawyer, call and ask for Bob Foley. Bob, one of the partners, is a former FBI agent and he speaks fluent Spanish. We have offices both in Ft. Myers and in the Cape.

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If you were arrested and have bonded out and are afraid to go to Court because of an immigration issue or afraid of ICE, give us a call. We may be able to help you through your legal problem.

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