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January 2018

Ft Myers DUI-DWI Attorneys

If you find yourself in that situation, it can get worse. Having a good lawyer can make a huge difference in the outcome. Some people, even though they can afford to hire their own attorney allow themselves to be represented by the Public Defender, simply to save money. Losing your driver’s license can cost you your job. It will affect your insurance rates and possibly keep you from even getting insurance. If you are in the United States illegally, you may find yourself in trouble with ICE. If you have a prior DUI, or if you are driving with no license, or worse yet, driving on a suspended license, you may be looking at doing time in jail. Now is not the time to be looking for a free lawyer or the cheapest lawyer you can find.

Would you want to jump out of an airplane with a free, or the cheapest parachute you could find?

Not all criminal defense lawyers are the same. If you have a serious illness, would you rather find your own experienced doctor, or go to the public health clinic.

Finding a good lawyer is a lot like finding a good mechanic or a good doctor. There is a difference between being good at advertising and being good in the courtroom. At our law firm, we are all former prosecutors. We have done this for the other side, we know the way prosecutors think and we know the way they approach cases. The truth is, most cases are resolved through negotiations and plea deals. The truth is that getting a good deal is no accident. The prosecutor has to know that there is a real chance he will lose the case. Good deals come from negotiating from a position of strength, not weakness. If you have the public defender, chances are, you may never even meet with him until the day of court.

Now is not the time to try and save money.

We do not charge for a free consultation. Bob Foley is fluent in Spanish, and if you speak only Spanish, being able to communicate with your lawyer in your native language is important. In Lee County, we have offices Ft. Myers and in Cape Coral. We also have offices in Punta Gorda and Sarasota if you live further north. Sean O’Halloran formerly prosecuted both in Lee and Charlotte County. Peter Aiken was a former Federal prosecutor and all three have decades of experience in the criminal justice system. In choosing a lawyer, do your homework. Read more about our individual qualifications by clicking on the attorney tabs.

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