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People watching can’t tell which one is the Idiot. People get arrested every day for not following that advice. Arguments lead to threats and fights. Every domestic battery case starts with an argument. A husband and wife may be arguing over money, the kids, his drinking or something totally unimportant and before they know it, it escalates into something physical. The police get called and someone is going to jail, usually the husband. A domestic violence arrest can get you thrown out of your own home with a no contact order by a judge at first appearance court. If something is thrown, or someone picks up a knife, or a pair of scissors, the arrest may be for aggravated assault. If someone gets hurt, even a bystander or other family member, an aggravated battery arrest will be made. If someone picks up a gun and points it or worse yet fires it, serious gun charges will be filed with often minimum mandatory penalties.

At Aiken, O’Halloran and Foley, we have been defending crimes of violence for decades. Road rage is the most common. It starts with a honk, then someone giving the finger, then a few shouts and gestures, and before you know it, someone has brandished a gun, tailgated or bumped the other car. You can be arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and yes, a car can be a deadly weapon. Teenagers on “crotch rockets” push the envelope and we once had a case where a client bumped the teenager on the motorcycle with his car. He got arrested for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. It ended well, but cost the client time and money, all for a second of anger.Give us a call and we will give you straight answers.

If you are a professional, are in the health care industry, are a teacher, or a person holding a professional license,a domestic battery arrest has immediate consequences. You can lose your job until it is cleared up. You will lose your concealed weapons license and temporarily lose your ability to buy a firearm. If a bad decision, a moment of weakness or losing your temper got you arrested in Cape Coral or Ft. Myers your next decision is a really important one. Hiring a good criminal defense lawyer can make a huge difference in the outcome. Finding a really good criminal attorney is the challenge. Do your homework. At our defense firm your first consultation is free. Give us a call and we will give you straight answers.

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