He shot himself in the Penis

The Associated Press reported today that a Jacksonville man purportedly sat on his own gun and shot himself in the penis.

That is the smallest of his problems

According to press reports he had a prior conviction for selling cocaine, so he was a convicted felon. Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon will land you in jail, and ultimately in State prison. He would have been better off is someone else had shot him in his “Johnson”. He made a terrible mistake admitting he shot himself. Maybe he accidently sat on someone else’s gun? It sounds more likely that in reality, he shot himself in the penis, sticking the gun in his belt or pants. It is next to impossible to sit on a gun and make it fire. It is really easy to shoot yourself sticking it in your pants. I hope he did not make some stupid admission and let’s hope it wasn’t some huge caliber gun. Imagine how he is going to feel if he ends up in prison and the other inmates ask him what he is in for? It would have to be pretty embarrassing to say “I got three years in the joint for shooting myself in the joint”. Some days it just doesn’t pay to get up.

A person has the right to remain silent….Not all people have the ability to remain silent. Some gun crimes carry minimum mandatory prison sentences. Florida has a ten, twenty life rule. Wouldn’t it be something if he caught major time for shooting himself? Let’s hope the judge and the State Attorney’s office have pity on him. He has already gotten a “stiff” sentence from “mister 9mm.