Is someone accusing you of date rape?

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July 2017

Has some woman you had sex with now claiming it was non-consensual?
Are they claiming you got them drunk or drugged them?
Is a gay hookup partner making waves and shaking you down for money?
Is a “one night stand” now claiming they are underage? Are you married and being extorted by some woman you hooked up with?
Are you under investigation by the police? Have detectives tried to contact you?

If the answer to any of these is yes, you need to lawyer up immediately. Don’t wait to get arrested or simply hope and think this will go away.

There are many reasons for false accusations of sexual battery

As a sex crime attorney handling sexual battery cases, the most common reason is next morning “regrets”. Having second thoughts about the night before is the number one reason women make a false accusation. If they are married, and their husband has found out, it is easy for them to say, “it was not my fault…I was drugged” or “he made me do it”. Many rape accusations are simply false. It never happened…or…it didn’t happen that way. I have seen every shake down there is. As a sex crime lawyer, in my experience, I have found that many sex crime accusations are simply false. Money may be at the root of the problem. It may just be a shakedown. Jealousy is another common motive. If you have had sex with roommates or sisters, it is common for one or the other to claim it was non-consensual. Young women, who may or may not have allegedly lost their virginity, often claim they were drunk, drugged or forced. I have had a number of cases where a woman claims to have been forced to give oral sex (a blow job). That is next to impossible unless deadly force was threatened or used. There may be religious motivations. Is the accuser a Morman? According to the book of Morman, pre marital sex is a heinous unforgivable sin. It is excused however if the woman claims she is a “victim”. That makes it easy for her to be forgiven by simply claiming she was coerced , drugged or forced.
A rape accusation can ruin your life forever…. A sex crime arrest is devastating


If you thing something is coming back to haunt you and a hookup, disgruntled girlfriend or one night stand is making waves, call me immediately at 941 366 3506

Are you a teacher under investigation in Florida?

Is a student falsely accusing you?

If you are a teacher or other professional like a doctor, massage therapists, or health care professional, your license and entire future is at stake. I have represented many professionals over the years in Sarasota, Manatee, Pinellas, Charlotte, Seminole, Orange, Brevard, Osceola, Marion, Hillsborough, Pasco and Lee Counties. Do not wait for this to become public. Talk to a good lawyer now


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