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June 28 2017

How can a man protect himself from being falsely accused of sexual battery after a one night stand? A good start is hiring an experienced sex crime lawyer immediately. I have been defending men who have been falsely accused by women the next day now for over thirty years. In the last ten years, I have seen an increase in these false accusations. There are many reasons why a woman, (having second thoughts about a one night stand), will make a false accusation. Some, simply will not take responsibility for their own actions and their own decisions. I have seen women falsely claim they were drugged or accuse the man of plying them with liquor to get in their pants. Some may have cheated on their boyfriend or husband and refuse to take responsibility for their own bad decisions. Sometimes, the false accusation is financially motivated (a shake down) and the woman is looking for money.

In Sarasota, there are some real barracudas that prey on married men. They may meet a married guy at a bar, have a few drinks and end up having sex that night. The next day they may claim the sex was nonconsensual knowing they can get money out of a panicked married man threatening him with exposure. I once defended a man in St. Petersburg who had sex with a young woman. A few days later the mother called, claiming the child was underage and threatening to call the police.

As it turns out, it was all a Craigslist scam.

The woman was not underage and it was an extortion plot from the word go. The guy had paid thousands by the time he came to me. Wealthy men are prime targets for false accusations. Famous men, athletes and business executives are also prime targets. Gay guys are prime targets for the shake down. A twink may claim to be underage after a consensual encounter and demand money not to go to the police. Gay men afraid of being “outed” will pay up to keep their private life confidential. Money is often the basis for the false accusation.
You can never give in to blackmail. If you do, it will never end, and they own you forever. As a former Federal agent and veteran criminal defense lawyer  I know how to handle people making false accusation. Never give in. Never pay them a dime. Do not be bullied into submitting to the shake down. Some of the best work I have ever done will never be made public. My goal is to quietly put a stop to the shake down and end the extortion and make the blackmailer go away, forever.

If someone is falsely accusing you…Do not wait to hire a lawyer…Do not talk to anyone until you get solid legal advice. Do not talk to the police. Keep your mouth shut and call me immediately. Initial consultations are free….Clam up and lawyer up!

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