A heroin overdose can get your child taken away

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March 29 2017

Not a day goes by that you don’t hear of a parent passed out in a car with unattended children crying, sometimes, crying for help.

Overdoses are at an all time high.

Every 19 minutes, somewhere in America someone dies from a drug overdose.

Addicts shooting up often get the “good stuff” that has not been watered down with “cut” on will pass out and sometimes die.

Heroin is a problem that cuts across all social strata.

Thirty years ago, it was primarily a black problem in the inner city. Now heroin addiction knows no social or ethnic boundaries. Gun deaths and overdoses are the number one killers for young adults. When the police come upon a parent in a car, overdosed, their first mission is to administer an antidote and keep the person breathing. The person ends up in the hospital but what happens to the kids? What happens when it is both parents? DCF has to get involved and the kids often end up in foster homes. I represented a man here in Sarasota about a year ago that came home from work and found his one year old baby crying and the mother dead in the bathtub after snorting heroin. Thank God in that case, there was a grandmother willing to step up and help.

There is a rumor that President Trump is going to designate a person to take on this epidemic. It is rumored that Chris Christie will be tapped for the job. The problem is that in the past, the drug issue in America has been treated as a criminal problem instead of a health emergency. The answer is prevention and treatment, not incarceration. They need to take the money out of the drug equation. As long as huge sums of money can be made selling drugs, the criminal element will prosper. As a Ft. Myers criminal lawyer I see on a daily basis the devastating effect drug addiction has on the innocent children. Simply caging people in prisons, now being taken over by big business, is not the answer. In America, we have more people in prison per capita than any other country on the planet. Most of them are there on drug related crimes. Prison is not the answer. Our leaders learned nothing from the “Prohibition” era.

If you have a loved one who has been arrested for heroin possession or possession of an opiate like Oxycontin, Oxycodone or Percocet we may be able to get them help. Treatment beats prison when it comes to preventing recidivism. If someone you know has been busted for drugs in Ft. Myers, Cape Coral or even as far North as Punta Gorda or Sarasota, give us a call.

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