Ft. Myers Police targeting gun violations

Sean C. O’Halloran
Experienced Ft Myers Criminal Defense Attorney

March 23 2017

In light of all the recent shootings in Ft. Myers, the police are actively targeting gun violations.

If you are a convicted felon, and you get arrested for possession of a firearm, you are facing a State prison sentence.
Did you know that if you are a convicted felon and you are in possession of a single bullet, you can find yourself charged?
If you are carrying a concealed firearm and get stopped and searched and a gun is found on your person or within ready reach you are in deep trouble.

As a Ft. Myers criminal defense lawyer, I have seen an increase in gun arrests and firearms prosecutions.

You may have a valid defense if you were illegally searched or if your stop was a profile stop. The simple fact is, in Ft. Myers, if you are black you stand a much greater chance of getting profiled and stopped. The police will make up a reason for the stop. They may say your tag light was not bright enough or your tint was too dark or your radio too loud. They will always be reason they claim the stop was made. If you are white, and in a black neighborhood at the wrong time of day, you also run the risk of getting stopped. The police are doing their best to cut down on the shootings but in the process, a lot of innocent people get stopped, detained and then searched. They may even bring a drug dog to walk around your car for what they call a “free air sniff”. They are not supposed to detain you unreasonably while the canine officer is on the way, but they do.

Be careful if you buy a gun.

It may have been stolen in a burglary and the serial number reported. It is always safe to buy a gun at Shoot Straight or one of the reputable gun shops. If you are found in possession of a recently stolen gun, the police may suspect you of the theft even though you thought you bought it legitimately. Be careful at the gun shows. People walking around with pistols or rifles may be trying to sell stolen property. Always demand to see and get a copy of their identification. There is nothing wrong with responsible gun ownership. In fact, in my opinion, given the present day danger of home invasion robbery, I recommend every home have one. Having said that however, the guns must be kept out of the hands of children.

If you have a gun charge pending or a recent firearms arrest and you want to talk to an experienced gun lawyer, call our Ft. Myers office at 239 334 8890

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