Road Rage Warrior… cell mate inmate

March 21 2017

Not a day goes by that in traffic you don’t see a road rage in the making.

It generally starts with someone that is in a hurry. They may be late for work, late for an appointment or simply impatient. Here is Southwest Florida, we have a lot of elderly drivers that are old, feeble and slow. Combine that with a little impatience and you have a recipe for “road rage”. We also have a lot of younger drivers with little patience. I am sure you have seen the crotch rocket kids on your bumper weaving in and out of traffic. How about the maniac in the pick up truck giving you the finger or the woman screaming profanities because you got her parking spot? Road rage can have bad results. You can end up getting arrested for aggravated assault with a weapon (the car) for tapping someone else’s vehicle.

You can get arrested for malicious mischief for keying the car that got your parking spot.

You can get arrested for aggravated battery if you hit someone with your car intentionally, even if it is just a tap.

“Slow down, you’re going to fast…You got to make the morning last”. Remember that song?

Life passes by fast enough with riding someone’s ass in traffic. Will you really get to work quicker?

Will it get you to the red light three blocks away any quicker?

The secret to controlling road rage and not getting arrested is to mellow out a little. There is not winner in a fight. The winner goes to jail and the loser generally to the hospital. The other huge problem is that here in Florida, half the drivers are armed. Giving someone the finger can get you shot.

As a criminal defense attorney I see people have their life turned upside down by getting arrested and charged with a crime for losing their temper, for no good reason. Life is too short to spend a day of it in jail, much less years in State prison. Control your temper, take a chill pill and relax. If you are reading this too late…Call me at 941 366 3506 for a free consultation

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