Jail is no way to spend your Spring break

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MARCH 17 2017

Each year college students flock to Ft. Myers beach for a little fun.

That fun sometimes involves alcohol.

That can result in an arrest for underage drinking or worse yet a DUI or drug possession charge.

If you are a parent and get a call from your son or daughter on Spring break here in Florida it will naturally cause you some anxiety. No one wants their college student to start life with a criminal record. A conviction for possession of marijuana will haunt them later in life when they file an application for a job or try to continue their higher education. It will haunt them later when they seek a professional license or try and get a security clearance.

Taking the easy way out, pleading guilty, may in the long run not be the wisest decision.

Kids often do not look at the long term consequences and make a hasty decision that can and will cause them problems in the future.

At our criminal defense firm, we understand that college kids often do stupid things.

A bar fight can get you arrested for battery or if someone is injured, aggravated battery.

Running from a police officer can get your charged with “fleeing and eluding”.

Resisting arrest might even get your son arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer.

Leaving the scene of an accident (panicking) can result in a felony.

Worse yet is an arrest for any type of sex offense.

Over the years, as a sex crime lawyer, I have defended students who engage in consensual sex, only later to be accused of date rape by a girl who has next day regrets and runs to the police. A sex crime arrest can ruin a person’s life forever.

If you get that late night call from your son or daughter and need a criminal defense lawyer with decades of experience, call my office in Ft. Myers at 239 334 8890. It costs nothing to talk. We also have offices in Sarasota and Punta Gorda if a problem arises there.