Make this problem go away

If you have not already been arrested and are under investigation, now is the time to lawyer up.

Many people make the mistake of waiting until the police are at their door carrying them away in handcuffs. Most of the time, problems don’t just simply resolve themselves. This is particularly true if there is an allegation of some type of improper sexual contact with a minor. Another common situation is if a former employer is accusing you of embezzlement or if you are under investigation by the Florida Department of Revenue for a sales tax issue. If you hire a good experienced lawyer, many times an arrest can be avoided. There may be a very good explanation as to how or why the problem has arisen.

Some lawyers want to wait until their client is arrested to justify a bigger fee.

My philosophy is just the opposite.

I try to intervene early in the investigative process and when possible convince the prosecutor not to file a charge. Some of the best cases I have ever handled will never be public. The best arrest is the one that does not happen. The best result is the one no one ever hears of. When you are arrested it triggers a lot of problems. Your photograph shows up on It may also get you on television or in the newspapers. Even if later your case is dismissed, the damage in terms of publicity is already done.

It costs nothing to call for a confidential consultation. If you were involved in a hit and run with injury or property damage, do not wait until you are arrested. Many people in a hit and run situation think they can avoid being arrested by reporting their car stolen. That is a mistake. You are a lot better to pay a lawyer a smaller fee on the front end to avoid a huge fee if the situation gets worse. If you want to talk, call me at 941 366 3506

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Why do they call it Aggravated Battery?

Why do they call it Aggravated Battery?

I can tell you for sure that it is not because you were the one that was “aggravated”.

Aggravated battery usually involves serious injury or the use of a weapon. It doesn’t have to be a gun or a knife. It can be something as simple as a shoe, a beer bottle on a pencil. The State Attorney often “overcharges” a person to jack up the penalties. I recently represented a man who threw a flip flop at someone and he was charged just to increase the sentencing guidelines.

Sometimes, a simple battery can become an aggravated battery if the injury is bad. A bar fight where someone gets seriously hurt can result in an aggravated battery arrest. A “sucker punch” resulting in a cut or broken jaw will produce just such a charge. No one wins a fight. The loser goes to the hospital and the winner goes to jail. Do not lose your temper. Walk away where you can. That is not being a coward. That is being smart. Do not let your testosterone or your macho attitude override good common sense. You can commit an aggravated battery with a car. You can commit an aggravated assault with a vehicle. Road rage with get you in deep trouble. Never argue with an idiot….People watching can’t tell which one is the idiot.

Some people never learn. Hopefully, as you get older, your judgment gets better. Alcohol is involved in ninety percent of the aggravated battery cases I have handled. Many times someone does something when they are blitzed that they would never do when sober. Many times what a person needs is treatment, not jail. Some people are what I call a “nasty drunk”.

Sober they may be a great person but give them a few shots and they become a raving belligerent mouth jerk. The best way to deal with a drunk is to humor them. It is a lot easier that fighting them and does not get your arrested. If you or a relative have been charged with aggravated battery and you need a good lawyer to look into it and help, feel free to call for a free consultation at 941 366 3506 in Sarasota or in Ft. Myers at 239 334 8890