Seven Guys Arrested in Prostitution Sting on Cleveland Avenue

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March 2017

What a waste of police and Court resources! Prostitution should have been legalized long ago.

In many countries around the world it is legal. In some States in the United States is legal and in others “tolerated”.

Would we really have human trafficking if prostitution was legal? Most of the street hookers on 41 are drug addicts and a “john” runs a high risk of contracting a deadly disease from a sexual encounter, even only oral sex. If prostitution was legalized and regulated, the consenting adults would in fact be safer. Why would anyone take a chance with a street walker if he could legally accomplish the same thing at a regulated house of prostitution? Simply getting laid should not be a crime.

Men have been paying women for sex since the beginning of time. It even goes back to the primates before homo sapiens evolved. Female chimpanzees traded sex for fruits and berries provided by the male chimpanzees long before we even walked this earth. If a man wines and dines a woman, buys her stuff and takes her places and in exchange they engage in sex, it is ok. If he simply gives her fifty dollars, it is a crime. That makes no sense. There are many men, and women, who are willing to engage in casual sex, and if money is involved, who cares?

The problem is that by making it illegal, it creates more problems than it solves.

As a criminal defense lawyer, I have handled human trafficking cases. I have also handled many prostitution and solicitation cases all over Florida. Many years ago, I represented a high end call girl who charged thousands per night. Her dates were with high government officials and heads of State from around the world. Prostitution is one of the truly honest relationships between a man and a woman. There are no false promises, no lies to get someone in bed and no ulterior motives. It is simple sex for money. There are many business executives, workaholics and wealthy men that are afraid of “relationships”. Why should they have to lie to a woman to have consensual sex? There are many women who regularly take dinners, gifts and trips from men and then have sex in exchange. Face it, it is the world’s oldest profession and will always be. The police run these stings to seize cars and get huge fines and get publicity.

By making it illegal, it forces it underground. The guys who use or Craigslist Casual Encounter run a high risk of getting robbed or “rolled”. Prostitution needs to be de-criminalized and regulated. The women should have regular doctor visits and heath certificates and condoms should be used. We need to make sex safe, not illegal

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