Marijuana Trafficking Laws still being enforced

Sean C. O’Halloran
Experienced State and Federal Criminal Defense Attorney
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March 3 2017

The Lee County Sheriff is still vigorously enforcing the State laws when it comes to marijuana. In an arrest this week, a man was stopped for “illegal tint” and in his vehicle the cops found over 300 pounds of weed. Even though the laws are slowly changing here in Florida it is still against the law to possess marijuana. If you have a large quantity, you can get charged with trafficking and be looking at a prison sentence. It makes no sense and Florida is behind the times when it comes to pot. We have people taking up valuable prison space, space that could be used for violent offenders, simply for growing pot in grow houses or selling marijuana. What most of the public does not realize, is that there would be no Cartels, if our law makers years ago had decriminalized marijuana. It has been around for over a thousand years and will be here for thousands more. As a criminal defense lawyer here in Ft. Myers, I have never seen anyone commit a violent crime while high on pot. I agree that the laws with respect to DUI can be enforced if a person is driving while high to the point their faculties are impaired but for simple possession or smoking a joint, it is a tremendous waste of police and court resources.

What is a pretextual Stop?

If you are black or Hispanic and you live in Lee County, chances are you have been stopped by a policeman. They may claim your tag light is too dim, your tint too dark or claim you rolled a stop sign. The truth is that it is racial profiling. If you are a white woman riding in a car with a black man your chances of being stopped are dramatically increased. If you are in a “bad” neighborhood or are out after midnight, the chances of getting stopped increase. I have had clients who know they are being followed obey every single law, and still get stopped. If you are being followed by a policeman, and you come to a stop sign, record your driving on your cell phone. Take a video through the windshield of you stopping at the sign. Take a video through the windshield of your driving to prove later you were not swerving. Sadly, police sometimes lie about the reason they make a “stop”. Some will claim they smelled marijuana to justify an illegal detention and search of the vehicle. Sometimes they call a drug dog and delay writing a ticket long enough for the dog to get there and do what they call a “free air sniff” while walking around the car. You need to be able to bring out the truth and nothing beats a good video.

Were you illegally stopped, detained and searched?

If you live in Cape Coral, you know what I am talking about. If you live in Lehigh Acres and you drive after midnight you know what I am talking about. If you are in the wrong neighborhood in Ft. Myers and driving a Mercedes or BMW you know what I am talking about. As a criminal defense attorney, my job is to get to the truth. Was the stop legal? How long were you detained? Did they make you get out of the car? Did they search your pockets? Did they claim they smelled marijuana? Did they go through your console? Did they claim you rolled a stop sign? For over thirty years I have been challenging illegal police search and seizures. Do not plead guilty to drug possession and lose your driver’s license without talking to a really good experienced defense attorney. Do not take the easy way out and regret it later

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