Crimes against the elderly….and the consequences

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Here in Sarasota we have a large number of elderly residents. Consequently, there are a large percentage of arrests involving elderly victims.

One of the most commonly charged offenses is battery on a person over 65. If you hit or slap someone, it is a misdemeanor. In domestic violence cases, family members, spouses, brothers and sisters are often charged with domestic battery. If the person struck is over sixty five years old, the State has the option of charging it as a felony. If the elderly person is badly hurt, the aggressor will in all likelihood get a felony arrest. Sadly, many old people because of their attitude as they age, are the aggressors and provoke confrontation. Just because they are old does not mean they are nice. Many times you have elderly couples in their seventies or eighties that get in fights. My goal where possible is the end the ordeal for both parties. Early dementia can result in confrontations ending badly. Early diagnosis and counseling and treatment is a much better option than jail.

Another commonly charged crime involves family members taking advantage of the elderly financially. It is common for care providers to trick the elderly into writing checks or making payments that are unjustified. Over the years, I have defended professionals, such as lawyers or trustees who are alleged to have taken advantage of their fiduciary relationship. The problem that arises is that old people suffer memory lapses and often do not remember authorizing a transaction or making a payment. Jealous relatives come along later and accuse the caretaker of an impropriety when in fact it was legitimate. Money can motivate a false accusation by a relative seeking the money for themselves.
Here in Sarasota it is also common for people doing home improvements or repairs to over sell or overcharge and elderly person. These types of cases are tough for the State to prosecute and tough for the defense in that there is sympathy for any old person taken advantage of.

In the last ten years I have seen an increase in sex crimes involving the elderly. I have defended many grandfathers charged with a lewd and lascivious touching of a grandchild. Age sometimes does strange things to men. They may have led a perfect life and then in their seventies, something “snaps”. Some elderly men end up on the Internet and get charged with traveling to meet a minor as a result of a sex sting operation. These cases are particularly sad.
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