Are You Really Presumed Innocent?

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Under the law everyone charged with a crime is supposed to be presumed to be innocent. That presumption goes out the window if you are charged with a crime involving sex with a child. As a Sarasota criminal lawyer, I have been defending sex crimes now for over thirty years, and the reality is that if a mother or a child accuses a person of a sexual assault, most of the time, the detectives investigating the allegation are biased and prejudiced and assume the accusation is true. What most people do not realize is that in the context of divorce or custody proceedings, there is often a motive to falsely accuse someone.. A false accusation will result in an arrest and a no contact order. A false accusation can result in immediate possession of the family home by the parent of the accuser. The police start out trying to prove the accusation is true instead of doing a real investigation. A false accusation can destroy a person’s life forever if it results in an arrest.
If you are under investigation for a sex crime, in Sarasota, Lee, Manatee, Charlotte or adjacent areas, it is super important that you get immediate legal representation. Do not make a statement to anyone without talking to an experienced criminal lawyer. Family lawyers sometimes do not understand the importance of pro- active investigation and action. You cannot just sit and wait and hope things will work out. The best defense is a good offense and if you think you are about to be accused or have been accused of any improper conduct with a child seek immediate representation. In defending these types of cases having a private investigator on board early can result in the discovery of favorable facts and evidence that the police simply overlook. It is also important to preserve evidence, particularly when it comes to emails, texts and other communications. If a spouse or relative is accusing you, having a record of the communications often shows their true motives. Preserving photographs and video evidence is also important.
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