Should I Use the Public Defender in Lee County?



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If you or a loved one get arrested you will go before the Court within 24 hours at what they call a first appearance.  Before that happens, while you are in the jail, someone will ask you to fill out an application for a Public Defender.  Did you know that they charge you a fee simply for filling out the application?  They charge you a booking fee and they charge you a fee for every day you are in jail.  If you have been arrested and you are facing criminal charges you absolutely must have an attorney.  Even if you are guilty, you still need an attorney to guide you through the system.  Many people because of the lack of money are forced to use the Public Defender.  One of the questions I am often asked is “should I use the Public Defender in Lee County”
Some of the lawyers at the Public Defender’s office are experienced and qualified.  Others have little experience and minimal qualifications.  Would you want heart surgery performed by a doctor at a public health clinic?  If you are facing charges in 2015 in Lee County you really need to think about a way to hire a private criminal defense attorney.  Our Fort Myers criminal defense firm, like many others will work with you to find a way to provide a quality defense.  Often a relative or friend can put the fee on a credit card.  In some instances, we may be able to take an assignment of your bond collateral to secure our fee and in other instances, we may be able to work out a payment plan.  I have over thirty years experience.  As a former Prosecutor I have handled over the years thousands of serious felony cases for crimes ranging from Homicide, aggravated battery, drug trafficking, racketeering and numerous Sex crime offenses.  Many of the charges now, particularly violent crimes carry minimum mandatory sentences.  If you are facing 15 years in prison or in some instances life do you want some young inexperienced lawyer representing you?
When you are arrested it is generally a surprise to everyone.  It is like any other emergency. If your roof fell in, if your transmission failed or if you got some serious illness, you would find a way to pay for it.  It is the same with being charged with a serious crime like, Possessing or Selling Drugs, large quantity drug trafficking, burglary of a dwelling or dealing in stolen property.  Talk to your relatives and friends.  Sometimes an employer will help you.  Sometimes you may have to sell something you own on Craigslist to raise the money.  Find a way because it may make a big difference in your life.

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