Why is the Bond so High?


If a loved one is in jail you may have just been told by the Sheriff’s office that the bond is set at some ridiculous amount that you cannot possible post. What can you do?
Bail bond is supposed to be set simply to guarantee that the person that was arrested will show up for Court. Sadly, some of the judges and prosecutors use excessive bonds to punish people before they are convicted. For example, in Sarasota County and also in Lee County, some judges set clearly excessive bonds in simple misdemeanor cases. I have seen bonds as high as fifty thousand dollars on simple first degree misdemeanors. Some judges set these bonds in domestic violence battery cases to keep the men in jail. They do this after reading a one sided probable cause affidavit hearing only the wife’s side of things. This causes the men to sit in jail or post the high bond and spend a small fortune just to get out of jail. The judges know that you have to appeal the bond setting and know that in the meantime the poor defendant sits in jail.
This gives the wife a tremendous advantage. She has possession of the house, the cars, the bank accounts, the furniture and many of the defendant’s assets. This is not even remotely fair or just but it happens in Sarasota frequently. Bonds should not be used by judges to punish people prior to trial. Unless you have a good aggressive criminal defense lawyer in Sarasota, a man can sit for weeks waiting for some action in his case. These judges need to be appealed and the situation exposed. Setting ridiculous bonds in misdemeanor cases is an abuse of judicial discretion that needs to be corrected.
If a loved one is in jail on a high bond, you are entitled to a bond reduction hearing. We handle these types of hearings routinely and most of the time get the bail bonds reduced. For example if a judge sets a fifty thousand dollar bond, and you use a bondsman, you have to pay a nonrefundable bond premium (fee) of ten percent or five thousand dollars. That money could be better spent hiring a good experienced criminal defense lawyer. Some people spend all their money on bond, just to get out, and then have no money for a good lawyer. My partner Sean O’Halloran in Lee County is an ex prosecutor and knows the ropes when it comes to bond reduction hearings. There are alternatives to high monetary bonds. Pre- trial release Services may be a good option. An electronic monitor is a good option in real high bond situations. Reporting weekly to Pre-Trial services may be a good alternative.
If you have a loved one sitting in jail on a high bond contact us immediately for a free consultation. We may be able to help get him or her out and save you a bundle. We have offices in Ft. Myers, Punta Gorda and Sarasota and can be reached 24/7 at 239 334 8890. Don’t let a loved one sit in jail. We may be able to help.